Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere


The Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere is a competition for extra virgin olive oils organized by Veronafiere since 2002. It focuses on the best oils mainly in the Mediterranean basin, with five award categories. The international jury, led by Marino Giorgetti, evaluates the quality of the oils. The competition anticipates the International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Quality Agri-Food. The video comments on the results of the 2020 competition.

What is the Sol d'Oro International competition

Sol d'Oro is an olive oil competition organized by veronafiere since 2002, with the aim of valorising the best territorial extra virgin oils of all the producing countries and promoting them on a commercial basis. However, the history of the competition began in the early 90s, with the Golden Lion.

Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere takes place in February every year in Verona as a preview of Sol Verona, the international exhibition of extra virgin olive oil and quality agri-food.

Promotional activities for the winning oils


Sol Int'l for the promotion of quality extra virgin olive oil in the world

Through collective participation in international events in Hong Kong (Sol Int'l Evo Oil Show at the International Wine & Spirit Fair) and Osaka (Japan – Olive Oil Kansai), Veronafiere offers a privileged showcase to participating producers, thanks to guided tastings, educational sessions on extra virgin olive oil and cooking shows.

Sol Int'l Evo Oil Show at the International Wine & Spirit Fair in November 2020

Olive Oil Kansai from 19 to 21 May 2020

The oils awarded with the Sol d'Oro, the Sol d'Argento, the Sol di Bronzo and the Great Mentions can bear a sticker on the bottle certifying the award received.

Every year on the occasion of Sol&Agrifood, the guide Le Stelle del Sol d'Oro - The Winners Guide is created, in Italian and English, with descriptive sheets of the winning oils of the Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere and Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere International Competitions The guide is distributed to buyers and delegates of Veronafiere around the world and at all stages of Sol International in the most important sector fairs in the Far East. The guide is also available online.

During the days of the Sol&Agrifood event, the winning oils are the protagonists of guided tastings and walk around tastings dedicated to international buyers and of cooking shows with recipes specially designed by chef Giorgione, testimonial of the international quality agri-food exhibition to enhance each type of oil . Discover Giorgione's 2019 recipes.

The list of winning oils and Great Mentions is published on the event website and disseminated through press releases to the Italian and international press.


How to sign up

To participate in the competition, you must complete the registration form below.
Each company can present up to a maximum of 4 different olive oil samples.
The latter must be sent by the deadline set in the regulation.

The final score of each sample is assigned through the arithmetic mean of the votes expressed in the scoring table provided by the method developed by the Technical Manager - Panel Leader of the "Sol d'Oro International Competition Northern Hemisphere 2021".
For reasons of confidentiality of the participating companies, only the list of the awarded extra virgin olive oils is disclosed and not that of the participating companies.
The first three extra virgin olive oils that obtain the best score for each of the three categories are rewarded respectively with:
– Sol d'Oro to 1st place;
– Sol d'Argento to 2nd place;
– Sol di Bronzo to 3rd place.
For the Extra Virgin category, being itself divided into three sections, three prizes will be awarded to each of the three sections.

The meticulous evaluations guaranteed by the blind tasting method and the long history of the competition have transformed Sol d'Oro into a quality brand known and appreciated throughout the world over time.
Furthermore, the winning olive oils are involved in exclusive promotional initiatives throughout the year and take advantage of a special rate to exhibit at the next edition of Sol&Agrifood.
It is the most important international blind tasting olive oil competition in the world which, since 2002, has taken place in Verona.
The event aims to highlight the best olive production, make it known to consumers and operators, present to the public the typical extra virgin olive oils in their variety, especially connected to the geographical origin, and stimulate the companies' efforts aimed at continuous quality improvement of products.

How to sign up in 3 simple steps

  1. Read carefully Participation rules
  2. Choose the category or categories in which to participate. Those who register for the "Absolute Beginners" category will not be able to evaluate participation in the other categories and vice versa
  3. Decide on the payment method. In case of payment by bank transfer, prepare a copy of the payment to attach to the registration. If paying by credit card, download the following pdf for more information

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