New perspectives for Olive Oil: agriculture, climate challenges and market

olive oil

Quality olive oil makes its way amidst climate challenges and market dynamics, and will be the focus of the fourth edition of the Evoo Days (Verona, 5 and 6 July 2021), organized by Sol & Agrifood (now SOL) within the scope of, project to promote organic products. The first day will focus on the fight against olive fly in agriculture, both conventional and organic, and on the residues that limit the export possibilities of olive oil.

New strategies against the olive fly

The new season of fighting against the olive fly is approaching, and with the withdrawal of Dimethoate, an active ingredient widely used by olive growers, it is necessary to prepare for new defense strategies. In organic farming, this involves integrating the adulticidal and larvicidal control for a more effective integrated defence. It is of fundamental importance to understand the potential and limitations of these interventions.

Phytosanitary defense: conventional vs. biological

The defense of the organic olive grove requires greater competence and professionalism than compulsory integrated agriculture. During conversion, wrong choices can compromise the expected results. It is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available active ingredients, especially against the olive fly. Interesting perspectives are opening up on new natural phytoagent formulations, a topic that will be addressed by Roberto Rizzo (CREA).

Cost optimization to maximize olive oil sales

There is widespread distrust towards defense systems, which are considered unsafe and effective, as well as expensive. In reality, in a medium-term perspective (3-5 years), these systems are not significantly more expensive than traditional ones and represent a valid alternative, especially in years of low olive fly pressure. To rationalize costs, it is necessary to understand and exploit the characteristics and peculiarities of the organic product, presenting them to the consumer to justify a price premium. Nino Paparella will address the topic of “Defense costs in organic olive growing” while Roberto Pinton will discuss the “Enhancement of organic extra virgin olive oil: how to create income by focusing on differences and distinctiveness. "


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