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The world of beer, in all its nuances, will be the protagonist of Xcellent Beers, an innovative format focused on craft beer and based on tastings, training and B2B moments with incoming of foreign operators, to allow discovery and business of a product that is enjoying increasing success on markets all over the world.

There will be many opportunities at the fair to delve deeper into the craft beer sector, which has attracted great interest from consumers in recent years. This interest is due to a greater focus on small producers, unconventional ingredients and sustainability strategies.

While you wait for your visit to Xcellent Beers to explore the offerings of highly selected brewers in person, here is a short guide to prepare you for your next beer adventure.

Craft beer, produced by small, independent breweries, often uses excellent quality ingredients and traditional production techniques. This differentiates it from mass-consumer industrial beers, resulting in a more sophisticated and complex taste. Craft beers can be aromatic and flavorful thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients such as selected malts and hops, as well as temperature-controlled fermentation processes. They can also have a fuller texture, offering a unique and distinctive character for true connoisseurs.

The recent entry of flavorful and robust craft beers, including fruity, spicy, honey, sour, malty, sweet, tart and funky varieties, has attracted a growing number of enthusiasts eager to explore a brewing world rich in floral aromas such as chamomile , elderflower and lavender, as well as new flavors.

With continuous experimentation, a distinctive feature of this market, the numbers suggest further growth in the coming years. The global craft beer market, valued at $95,23 billion in 2020, is expected to reach $210,78 billion by 2028, recovering from challenges faced during the pandemic (Fortune Business Insight).

In Europe, the craft beer sector is expected to grow by 666,34 million liters by 2025 (+6,20%), with Germany and the UK leading the rapid growth (Technavio).

Italy, ranked fourth in Europe for the number of craft breweries, has seen exponential growth in recent years, with around 1.800 breweries in 2020 (Atlas of Italian Breweries). The rise of smaller breweries and independent establishments reflects a response to growing consumer demand.

The craft brewery phenomenon originated in the United States in the 80s and, despite the challenges of the pandemic, continues to thrive, showing resilience and adaptability.
Xcellent Beers at SOL offers a platform for numerous exhibitors to offer visitors unforgettable tasting and sensory experiences.

Are you a craft beer producer and are you looking for the best stage to make yourself known to a national and international audience?
Nominees as an exhibitor at the 2024 edition of SOL, which will be held from 14 to 17 April and take advantage of your opportunity!


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